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Tell me I don’t look like a total twink
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Umh yeah this is perfect :3
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“Kens” and “Joes”

We’re born with our lives set out in front of us,

​Dressed in blues and Reds we’re told to

​“Be a man”.

​And I fit the mold.

We’re sent to school, to meet new people,

​Learn new lesons and taught to

​“Play with the other boys”.

​And I’m forced to the mold.

We get more freedom in Senior High, pick our classes,

​Expected to hang with the guys, date girls; just

​“Don’t be a fag.”

​But I just can’t fit the mold.

Because why can’t I love who I want? Why couldn’t I

​Wear purple or pink or play with the girls, and

​Still turn out fine?

See, today we see if you don’t fit the mold you must be

​Misshapen or you’re asked

​“What went wrong?”

​Because you don’t fit the mold that shapes men into

​“Joes” and women into “Barbies”.

And you can’t fit the mold in this world of plastic

​You’re a misfit and


So who’s to say what needs fixed, or what counts

​As an imperfection. Who’s to say the mold

​Is broken at all?

We can hope and pray people grow and understand

​That in our world of Joes and Barbies

​There are Janes and Kens,

​Shaped in a different mold.

​Not in imperfection.

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You should like inbox me questions or something idk

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Reblog, cause my best friend is beautiful. :3
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10/21 - 10/27   Seven Devils by Florence and the Machine

So I know it’s not Halloween. But this is my Halloween song for the year. 

Last night I went to a party at my friend Erick’s house, who got me really hooked on Florence. And this just really seemed to fit the whole Halloween/Party vibe. :3

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there’s no better way to say FUCK YOU than writing and english essay about how everything about you is bad.

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10/14-10/20   Babel by Mumford and Sons

This week was my first time leaving home for a trip since August. And I decided to spend the week meeting people, dancing with strangers, and all around enjoying the trip. 

All of this made me come to a realization, about what’s going to happen when I do finally leave home for college and to start life. I’m going to watch this town crumble. I’m so ready for a fresh start in my life, and Dammit all if Mumford and Sons didn’t hit the nail on the head.

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I seriously adored my Senior Pictures, and the Photographer who took them. 
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I start Senior Year tomorrow….

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What should I add to my 2012 Bucket List?

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Tell me I’m pretty.
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Sample of the shoot I did with my friend Lauren :3
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We talked again tonight.

And this time I asked you to hang out.

You panicked that I was flirting with you.

So I said it doesnt have to be a date. We can just drive somewhere and talk.

Hopefully we can do something saturday, cause I really want to get to know you.

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What I do at 2 am.

•Watch LOGO.
•Complain subconsciously about how these vogue dancers in “Leave It On The Floor” are so much better than me.
•Worry about Luke cause he hasn’t texted me all day, and apparently walked out of work.
•Hate Kendall cause he found a mens Forever 21 in California.